Kids . Teens. Adults  //  Beginners. Intermediates. Professionals. 
Some of my beginner/ intermediate students….

   •  Just want to sing for fun.
   •  Want to sing 1 song at the office Xmas party or karaoke.
   •  Want to perfect their audition for "The Voice" or "America's Got Talent."
  * Want to do a professional recording of their voice.
   •  Don’t like the way their voice sounds and want to improve their tonal quality.                                    

Some of my professional students….

   •  Are signed to record labels.
   •  Are auditioning for or are in musical theatre.
   •  Are doing a lot of live work and want to trouble shoot sections in some songs.
   •  Just want to improve 1 or 2 vocal issues.
   •  Want to record a vocal sampler demo or an entire song ( cover or original)
   •  Want to deal with nerves, chronic stage fright or performance anxiety.
   •  Have a tour coming up and want to prepare and be vocally fit.

     “No matter what your reasons are, let me help you achieve your goals.”