Student Testimonials


I feel so blessed to have met someone like Forbsey. Looking for a vocal coach is always a tiresome process, especially in Hollywood where everyone charges astronomically high fees and promises to make you a superstar. In a land of bullshit, Forbsey is the real deal. I walked into my first lesson, not knowing what to expect, but Forbsey instantly put me at ease. She's funny, irreverent, hilarious - and most importantly - you can tell she genuinely cares about her students. She focuses just as much on vocal technique as she does on style and artist development, and her industry experience and network is just unmatchable! It's almost ridiculous how much everyone loves her :p. She even made it to my bday!! What a sweetheart.

I've been recording on my own for awhile now but recently Forbsey gave me the opportunity to record in one of the top studios in LA at a major discount + full team on board, and we've been meaning to tour some piano bars for awhile now! + Forbsey is also a songwriter and I can't to work to work on some originals with her.

Lucy Liu - Los Angeles


Forbsey!! How many ways can I express how grateful I am to have found her.  She has reinforced my love for singing again and solidified my voice like a sharpened sword back into my career.  

A bit of history:  Musical theater was my first love. I lived and breathed it for most of my childhood.  Naturally, I went into drama school thinking I would die old and happy on a Broadway stage but after graduation my career focus (and bookings) were primarily in film and tv.  I stopped professionally training and exercising my voice and singing became a mere hobby reserved for crazy karaoke nights. Last summer I couldn't ignore the constant calling I had within me to honor my voice, recondition and train it properly and get back on stage.  Before contacting teachers I made it my goal to book a musical in 2019.  

After a lot of research I found Forbsey.  I was excited to see that she was the complete antithesis of the "classical" voice teachers of my past.  I was already a trained and experienced singer but what I wanted was to stretch my sound, get out of my comfort zone and belt like the best without tiring out and killing my chords.  When I told her this she knew immediately what I needed to do.  Instead of being being neck deep in sheet music and endless vocalizations we focused on placement, methods of manipulating sound quality and working the tops and bottoms (and beyond) of my range as a means to support its entirety.  I was amazed how after just a couple sessions I could sing a particular song without feeling the vocal fatigue I experienced in the past.  

Singing is not a hobby for Forbsey.  It is her passion and it is her life and so she naturally expects her students to feel the same.  Every session ends with homework and notes to work on before the next session and tools to rehearse and vocalize with. Even during the busy holiday season I was able to coach with Forbsey over FaceTime and still have the same quality sessions I do in person.  It was an invaluable thing to be able to do so that any progress I was making wasn't hindered.  

When I returned to LA, I mentioned to Forbsey that I wanted to record a demo that my agents could use whenever necessary for film/tv projects.  We discussed the content, format and length and immediately began working my selections to be ready on the day.  Forbey works with a number of the best recording engineers and studios in LA.  She was able to reserve a day for me at a top studio with a fantastic engineer as well as be there to direct and coach me throughout my session.  It was incredible!  I now have a 5 song reel that my agents and I LOVE!

I can't even begin to explain how making my voice a priority has elevated and made me feel "whole" again.  Forbsey has made me realize that the sounds I want to make with my voice are achievable, that the songs I want to sing are doable and that musical theater dreams I still have are possible.  I made it a goal to get back on stage in 2019.  I've only been with Forbsey for 8 months and I booked a major musical that will open this spring in DTLA!!!

If you are looking for a TRUE voice coach to get your where you want to be then train with Forbsey.  She is the absolute BEST!!!!

Edelyn Okano - Los Angeles


Forbsey is the best!!

 I have been searching FOREVER to find a vocal coach who really understands the demands that a professional singer endures. What I received exceeded my wish list, I am more than satisfied, I am elated!
I felt extremely relieved when I met with Forbsey.
Even before my very first session, I was informed of what would happen and what to prepare so it wasn't uncomfortable.
I thoroughly recommend doing the 2 hour intro lesson as it covers all the basics + a vocal assessment. I was told that I would never listen to singers in the same way, ever again... and she was right! My jaw hit the floor!

In the space of 2 hrs, everything changed for the better.
I asked her 3 questions that other coaches have NEVER been able to answer
and she had crystal clear explanations and then some. She really is amazing!
She is the vocal whisperer, she really does know her stuff!

I was nervous when I showed up, felt comfortable during the entire process and left in AWE!
Not only does she understand the voice but also the business side of music and how to go about things, she totally rocks! I have been doing lessons with Forbsey for a little over 6 months now and the difference in my voice is- massive!

There are a lot of pretenders in this town but Forbsey isn't one of them, she's the real deal and I'm so happy I have found her.

I am extremely satisfied.

ERIKA M – Chicago IL

"Forbsey is an amazing teacher with a love and passion for singing that is infectious. I knew within the first 10 minutes of my daughter’s first lesson how great she was. She immediately picked out her strengths and weaknesses and has been building on them ever since to make a huge difference in helping her improve her technique and performance.
Forbsey's lessons are always fun but she definitely has an honest way of connecting with my 13 year old daughter to make her work and bring out the best in her voice. In just over a year, her tone, pitch and range has improved so dramatically, she sounds like a pro.

Forbsey is genuine, enthusiastic, a truly great teacher who makes you feel like you are part of her family. We love her and would recommend her to anyone wanting to bring out the best in their singing ability."

Deb Hawksworth – Los Angeles

The lesson was fun and informative. I actually felt like I learned something and that I came away with things to work (something I never got from my previous teacher). Forbsey has 

awesome energy, too! I'll be looking forward to my lessons every week :-)

Rob.N – Los Angeles


We had the pleasure of nearly 3 years of singing lessons with Forbsey. 
Forbsey worked with our then 8 year old daughter weekly via Skype and during that time my daughter demonstrated significant progress in her singing abilities. 

Forbsey is a very passionate and focused teacher. She is appropriately firm about expectations but in return provides measurable goals and progress. Forbsey’s teaching skills are effective and the ability to teach via Skype very convenient. I recommend Forbsey highly and without any reservation. 

Dr. Adrienne Youdim  - Los Angeles
MD FACP Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  


I have taken voice lessons over the years and have always enjoyed them as I like the opportunity to sing.
All of my previous experiences were quite similar: LOTS of scales/exercises - often times to the point of excess where your voice was tired PRIOR to trying to sing anything.
Forbsey is so different in that regard.  She provides the exercises for you to do on your own time - sometimes using them a bit for warm up - but never to the point of boredom or exhaustion.
The other differences have everything to do with Forbsey’s knowledge and wonderful charisma in downloading that knowledge to you. Comic impressions, great demonstrations of what she has trained her own voice to do. All inspiring and entertaining.
The other very big thing she does and acknowledges which others have ignored for the student to figure out is discussing anxieties and doubts - legitimizing their effect and giving you some thoughts on how to manage these.  This was so very hopeful to me.

No one like her I would venture to say.  One lesson will show you all of the above.

John Gaitens. – Los Angeles


I've been working with Forbsey for over a year now. 
Taking lessons from her is the best decision I've ever made regarding my voice.
I’ve been able to polish my voice, have increased my range and improved my tone to where I hadn't thought possible.
I would highly recommend Forbsey to anyone, novice to advanced, if you want help realizing the full potential of your voice!
I recorded a professional demo with her six months ago, which has gone a long way to exposing me to many opportunities I had previously missed out on.

Thank you for everything Forbsey :)

Bobby Utah


"Forbsey not only brought out the singer in me, but also a slew of awesome voice over characters, that I use in my work,
Ranging from grandmothers, dudes, girls, and more! Thanks to Forbsey, I'll never be lonely again!"

Mina Oh – Miami FL
YouTube personality and actress, creator of Professor Oh & Friends


Forbsey is a gifted vocal coach.  She has a unique ability in identifying problem areas while enhancing your own strengths.  She is energetic, caring, and passionate about what she does and making sure you get the most out of each class.  I am absolutely delighted with the improvements I have made with her. Most importantly she is fun! 

Jen Fidler – Ontario Canada


Amazing! Awesome! FABULOUS! I have been missing out on so much fun but I'm making up for it now. Singing lessons with Forbsey are simply the best. All my fears and misconceptions are a thing of the past. All things are covered here. The first question she asks is, do you want lessons just for fun? Do we have a goal or event coming up?.. or do you want to have a serious shot at it?.. and we go from there.
I was so nervous before the 1st lesson but that was just silly.. I wish I had started this years ago... HAPPY :0)

JAO C – Seattle WA


Finally! Finally! Literally all I can say is finally I found a voice coach that actually answers my questions and doesn't just skirt around the topic or force me to do another round of lip rolls! 

Thanks to Forbsey, the Vocal Mechanic, my sustains are much longer and my timing is finally where it needs to be. Plus not to mention but she actually practices what she preaches and has a gold record! And with her the saying that those who can't do teach is so far from the truth! Even in sessions I'm left in awe proud that this is my teacher and excited because she's going to be teaching something that I can perform live and have others in awe as well.

ADRIAN D – San Francisco

This lady is the real deal!! She has a TON of experience and it totally shows. Efficient & fun. I needed to get 1song down for an acting role and she whipped me into shape in 3 lessons. Don't waste your time or money going elsewhere.

Rob W – London UK


I have had a handful of  teachers but NO ONE breaks it down like Forbsey!
She is so passionate about teaching and it shows.
She openly told me that if I didn’t understand something, she’d explain it a different way until my light bulb lit up.

SKYPE lessons are surprisingly GOOD and such a time saver!!

I always walk away from my sessions totally motivated and inspired.

The sessions are organized and methodical. 

An hour session FLIES BY so fast so I now do double sessions and get a HUGE amount of work done and all my questions answered.

Sammy J – Manhattan NYC


Love, love, LOVE this girl!! There ain't a vocal problem that she can't solve and WHAT A VOICE!!

AnA S – Sydney Australia

Forbsey is a fantastic vocal coach and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

As a singer I'm a beginner, but I've always wanted to sing with a band so I set my sights on perfecting a few rock songs I could perform at my 40th Birthday Party.  It was a totally amazing, fun and empowering experience and I'm grateful I had Forbsey to help guide me through it the entire way.

We worked together for several months before the party. I'm glad I devoted that much time to getting where I needed to be to perform for a big crowd.  She taught me many exercises which, over time, really improved my singing to the point where I was not only totally capable but also confident in my ability.  I learned how to breathe properly, hit notes that were previously impossible to nail, and power through the vocals without straining myself.  

She also taught me something I hadn't anticipated needing to learn: how to command the stage as a performer.  That was one of my biggest transformations and it made all the difference when it came time to deliver.

Forbsey is Australian (which is pretty awesome in itself) and it comes across in her vibe and attitude.  She's frank, funny, effective and she always made me feel at ease from the moment I walked into her studio.   Admittedly, when we met for my first lesson I was really nervous to just start singing for a stranger but, within a very short time, it was like singing for a friend.  She's (obviously) a great singer herself and a teacher -  A+

TED S –Los Angeles

We were searching around for a top vocal coach a young girl that hopes to be a professional singer.   We interviewed many people until we met Forbsey!  One word describes here AMAZING!  She clearly is a seasoned and accomplished singer.    She has the whole package.  She knows how to listen; how to give feedback;  and reaches into your vocal cords and tunes them up just like a piano tuner.   I watched her in action many times during these sessions.  What stood out most is her energy and ability to build confidence in her student(s).  I came to realize that it was not just about singing, but having the confidence to actually belt out the music and sound like a professional.   
Look you get what you pay for.  If you want a run of the mill singing "instructor" then Forbsey is not for you.  If  you really want results; someone to challenge you; and to walk out feeling like you are on top of the moon then Forbsey is the best choice.  

PS - Here's a little secret, she is really connected in the industry and does work for Indie and Major label record/ management companies.. she's a GREAT person to know if you want to take your voice seriously and have a shot at going all the way...

Kathy R – Denver CO


I was so nervous before my 1st singing lesson ever.. but there was no need to be.
Forbsey made me feel really comfortable. A 1 hour lesson flew by and I learned SO MUCH! ... but that was 6 months ago. I have been taking weekly lessons ever since. My range has increased, I can now sing high powerful notes and it doesn't hurt and I also have a ton of power on my low notes. My confidence level has improved 10 fold as I now know what I am doing instead of just guessing. Forbsey is simply - AMAZING!!  Lessons are fun and I really look forward to them.

If I am out of town, I can still do my weekly lessons with her via SKYPE.
Forbsey is an accomplished singer, has toured globally and has even written a gold record.
She knows her stuff and I thoroughly recommend her!!

Zoe T –Austin TX


Forbsey is incredibly knowledgeable about the capabilities of the human voice, and has a very innovative approach to helping you find your tone, your voice. As an established songwriter herself, she is not only able to help connect you to your own songs, but able to give respectful feedback to connect your songs with listeners. She helps prepare you as an artist to take your listeners on an honest journey both in live performances and in the studio. 
I highly recommend Forbsey especially for other singer-songwriters looking to improve on their voice and craft. 

  Andrew  U – Los Angeles

Forbsey is the best singing teacher ever!!! She actually sings with the students and shows great patience when dealing with my daughter who can be a little moody at times. Forbsey is really hands-on and always gets to the root of the problem and figures out how to deal with it in the best way to make it easy for the kids. My seven-year-old is building her confidence every day with the help of Forbsey's guidance and lessons. Thank you Forbsey!!!!

Eddie & Brooklyn.. – Los Angeles

I heard Forbsey's vocal demo on her website and knew she was the teacher for me!

I was expecting some meaty older woman to answer the door, but was greeted by this energetic, tiny, brunette Australian.
We started off the session and I sang 2 songs that I had prepared then went through a bunch of really weird exercises and the vocal assessment was over. Then Forbsey told me what was going on with my voice, what was working and what needed strengthening.

She laid out the information like no one ever has, I was completely shocked, it all FINALLY made compete sense! 

By the end of the 2hr session I was singing higher and lower notes than I have ever been able to hit, AAAAnd I wasn’t sore the next day!!

This woman works WITH you to get to the core of who YOU are as a performer, she doesn’t tell you, she asks you specific questions that drill down. It’s such an interesting, fascinating process. 

I won't bore you with other things that impressed me in the session because then I'd be writing a short story rather than a review. However, I've been going to her now for two years and I've found such a vast improvement in not only my vocal stamina and song writing but my whole outlook regarding the music business. She is AMAZING!

Sessions are a real highlight in my week, I LOVE going.
I walk out of there pumped , motivated and excited about my future and know my next steps..
I can't imagine where I’d be without her. 

Adrian D.L – Nashville TN

I have been working with Forbsey for 4 years, and I can honestly say that I am a completely different singer than when I walked through her door. And I mean night and day different. 

Forbsey is FUN, and she gets results right away. She has developed a system of very specific, targeted exercises that are designed to address common vocal problems. These exercises are short, sweet, and easy-to-understand - even if some take time to execute well. Gone was all the unintelligible garble from my classical teachers, and in its place were clear guidelines and exercises. And I saw improvement right away. 

I had a mission: I was tired of singing like a Disney princess, and I wanted to add some rock-and-roll grit to my voice. Forbsey has taught me how to do this safely without "ruining" my voice - something every classical teacher told me I would do if I belted too much, or - gasp! - sang with any kind of intentional rasp. I learned to add grit to my voice at will, and I've also never felt more vocally fit. Not only is my voice NOT ruined, it is better than it has ever been. 

So, do I recommend Forbsey to guide you on your vocal journey? Hell yeah! 
But go in forewarned: you will not be the same after. If you enjoy transformation and reaching into every corner of yourself, then this is the teacher for you.

K.Maglia – Los Angeles

I had a really great time, can't wait for the next lesson..!!

S.Thrasher – Los Angeles

"I first came to Forbsey when I was just beginning to sing. Prior to my lessons with Forbsey, I barely had any experience in singing, aside from some vocal training courses in college (if that counts). Fast forward approx. 3+ years and a ton of  vocal teachers later, I still find Forbsey to be the best around. Forbsey truly helped me find not only my singing voice, but my confidence in it (which is just as important). She is ALWAYS so motivating, and oozes positivity which I find to be vital because it helps set the tone of the lesson. I can honestly say my voice gets better every time I meet with her. I've always found it terrifying to sing in front of anyone, but Forbse has a way of making you feel comfortable, and snaps you out of any negative state you might be in over your voice. A lesson with her is always extremely helpful, inspiring, and always a good time. She has awesome unique ways to help you understand the workings of your voice; finally, a vocal instructor that could do more than TELL me what I should be doing, but really SHOW me! Thank you Forbsey for not only helping me find my singing voice, but for your encouraging words and all of the awesome tips & tricks you have shown me. Take one lesson with her, and you will see exactly what I mean!"-

Donna Vo – Los Angeles

I have been working with Forbsey for about a year and a half.  I love Forbsey!  She is a total pro, that will teach you how to sing like a pro!  Forbsey has transformed my voice and helped me take it to the next level.  She constantly challenges me and pushes me forward to achieve my vocal goals.  I feel stronger and more confident as a singer.  Thank You Forbsey!

Alice H